If you have been injured in a car accident in Phoenix, regardless of the time of day it is, you should first contact the police, especially if there are serious injuries. If you are able to, the next thing you should do is contact an experienced Phoenix Car Accident Injury lawyer. The expertise of a legal professional familiar in all aspects of accident law can be beneficial for you or the injured individuals who were not at fault in the accident for many reasons. While you are dealing with taking care of your injuries and property damage claims, we will handle making sure you are properly cared for and that you get the medical attention that is needed.

Our legal team contact the at fault's insurance company and start negotiating on a favorable lawsuit settlement on your behalf. In many cases, especially in the event of serious injury, many people involved in car accidents in Phoenix may miss time at work, require medical care, ongoing pain treatments or medication for pain management, physical therapy, and not to mention may be in need of a new vehicle or their vehicle may require repairs. That's where we come in.

Once you have decided to retain a Phoenix car accident lawyer, the real work begins. The average time it takes for a car accident injury case to settle varies. In some cases, depending on the insurance company and supporting evidence, the case can settle very quickly. This also depends on the attorney working your case. Quick settlements are possible but there are many variable factors that go into a quick personal injury lawsuit settlement claim.

Most Phoenix car accident injury claims take an average of anywhere from 3-12 months to settle. In the most unfortunate event of wrongful death, even if they are what  we refer to as a slam dunk settlement, these types of injury cases are often being settled for hundreds and thousands of dollars, so for obvious reasons theses my not settle so quickly because the insurance company will many times challenge these types of cases and require the law firm or representing Phoenix car accident lawyers to truly prove both negligence and that the party who caused the accident was truly at fault for the accidental death of the individual in question. For these reasons they may take a year of longer to settle, however in these cases it is difficult to put a dollar amount on someones' life, especially a loved one. These types of cases will be very favorable for the surviving party.


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Our legal team has a well rounded group of attorneys with extensive experience and expertise in the area of Phoenix car accident injury lawsuit settlements. Our approach to personal injury law is to represent our clients aggressively and hold the at fault party and their insurance companies responsible for their negligent clients that they insure. We have represented hundreds of clients in Arizona who have been seriously injured in car or traffic accidents or their families due to fatalities with success.

When you hire the attorneys at Phoenix Injury Group you are hiring legal professionals who truly go the extra mile for our clients. We put both your interests and immediate needs first. Our staff can make a difference in  your settlement and provide you with exceptional personable service that you deserve. We have practiced law for more than a decade in the Phoenix market and we have established a reputation for ethical legal practices and superior client satisfaction.

Our Phoenix car accident injury lawyers do not collect a fee for your case unless we reach a favorable settlement on your behalf. We never charge a fee up front for either consultation of down payment because we don't take cases that we know we can't win. We win over 90% of the cases we take on here at our Phoenix Personal Injury Law Firm. If you have been injured in a Phoenix car accident it's time you contact a lawyer who can help you now at 602-832-7190.