Have you been seriously injured in an auto accident? There are many different types of auto accidents a person can be involved with and many different types of injuries one can sustain. Hiring the right attorney can make the world of the difference when it comes to getting proper compensation and excellent medical treatment. If you plan to work with the insurance company on your own, keep in mind that their interests are to serve the insurance company and keep the settlement to a minimum. Hiring a Phoenix injury attorney can work favorably for victims of negligent parties in dealing with an insurance company in order to force appropriate settlements. An attorney with the right experience can provide their client with the best chances of a larger settlement and some of the best medical help.

What is the Role of Your Attorney?

It’s simple really. The attorney’s job is to prove liability in the case on behalf of their client. To achieve this task, our Phoenix car accident attorneys will review each potential case to determine whether or not it meets the criteria to pursue a personal injury claim. Here are a few things we will need to know about your scenario:

  • Have you involved in an auto accident and injured?
  • Was the other party cited? Were they at fault?
  • Does the responsible party have insurance?
  • Do you require medical help?

Once our Phoenix car accident attorneys can determine the answers to these brief interview questions we will typically then schedule either an in office consultation, hospital visit, or we will come to your home. Once we meet with you we will review additional details. If our attorneys feel it’s a solid case our paralegals or Phoenix car accident lawyers will provide you with proper documentation and an agreement to sign. Once the contract is signed, all you need to do is worry about your recovery, we will handle and coordinate the rest of the process.

While you are receiving the medical assistance you need to recover, we will interview law enforcement, witnesses, and any paperwork or evidence in regard to the auto accident. This documentation will be the supporting evidence including the testimonial of our client and any witnesses in order for our law firm to prove liability to the insurance company. Once we achieve this objective, a settlement can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.

Types of Accidents

In many accidents, fatalities occur. In those unfortunate situations, we will seek a wrongful death claim for the immediate survivors of the victim. These types of cases can be lengthy and have a lengthier settlement time frame due to the complexity of the case. Auto accidents with a higher fatality rate are motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and large commercial truck or 18 wheeler accidents.

The most common accident is a car accident. Car accidents happen very frequently, and our law firm represents the victims of these types of situations. If you have been injured in any of the following types of car accidents, contact our law firm right away, the consultation is FREE: