Motorcycle accidents can be serious auto accidents and unfortunately this is the case most of the time. There are many reasons for motorcycle accidents resulting in serious injury such as:

Mechanical malfunction or product defect
Negligence of the other driver
The higher speeds a motorcycle accelerates at compared to cars or trucks, and its versatility
Motorcycles are harder for drivers to see on the road or highway
Motorcycles can sometimes get caught in the responsible drivers blind spot
Negligence of the motorcyclist and wreckless driving practices

Like in pedestrian accidents, these type of accidents almost always end up in serious injury or fatalities. Motorcyclists do not have the full protection a standard vehicle has surrounding them in the event of an accident.  A motorcyclist if hit by a car or truck, can easily lose control or become separated from their motorcycle caused by the impact of a car or truck.


The only protection a motorcyclist has in the event of a motorcycle accident is their helmet and protective jacket, however many motorcyclists do not participate in wearing the protective gear designed to potentially save their lives. In most states, it is the law and a helmet is required in order to operate a motorcycle on the road or highway. In several previous motorcycle accidents, wearing a helmet can sometimes help motorcyclists avoid fatality or serious brain damage. Wearing protective gear cannot save your body from broken bones but it can greatly reduce large cuts caused by the pavement and protect the skin.


If you or a loved one has been hit by a car on a motorcycle, you should seek the advice of a motorcycle accident attorney. The benefit of talking with and hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is the fact that they have the expertise and experience in negotiating with insurance companies and forcing them to pay out the settlements that are fair and favorable to the victims. Often times, the insurance company doesn’t return calls, offers low ball settlements or will offer no settlement at all to the party of the victim or the victim themselves. Hiring an experienced attorney can be very beneficial. Most personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation and work on a contingency basis meaning that they do not get paid until your case settles, so if they want to be compensated for their fees, they will work hard on your behalf.




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