Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents happen quite often when it comes to both personal injury and accident cases. Most people don’t realize how much of a risk we take as pedestrians when we cross the street, Jay Walk,  or simply walking along the curb. In fact, many of these types of traffic accidents result in fatalities and/ or serious injury that results in permanent brain damage or paralysis.

These types of accidents can happen due to a number of reasons such as the negligence of the other driver who may or may have not been paying attention due to texting, lack of attention to the road, or a driving mistake. Driving errors happen, and so do auto accidents. The evening time is when most pedestrian accidents occur. Pedestrian accidents happen during this time of day because it is much harder for drivers to see pedestrians crossing the road, lack of lighting on main streets, or the driver of a vehicle may have lights that do not work, whatever the case, as a pedestrian walking during evening hours can pose many hazards or opportunities for pedestrian accidents to take place.

So what should you do in the event of a pedestrian accident? Well the first thing you should do if you are the victim of this type of accident is call 911, especially in the event of serious injury. If a pedestrian is seriously injured, it is highly likely they are unconscious and have life threatening injuries, so as a witness you should report the accident and contact 911 as well as the police. These type of accidents can often be very tragic.  Take pictures, and get a police report if you are able to.

A personal injury attorney can help in these types of cases. So why do you need a car accident injury attorney in the event of a pedestrian accident? Hiring an attorney cannot bring back your loved one, or change the permanent condition of your loved one. Your personal injury attorney can aggressively go after the at fault by contacting their insurance company and proving that their client was at fault and the accident happened due to their negligence. Once that can be proven, an experienced car accident lawyer can then begin to negotiate with the insurance company and force them to pay a settlement. The amount of the settlement depends on the types of injuries that the victim has suffered such as serious injuries, injuries resulting in permanent brain damage or physical conditions, or death.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a hit and run car accident, contact an experienced car accident lawyer immediately. The job of your personal injury attorney is to obtain compensation for wrongful death, cost of medical treatment, funeral expenses, therapy, life long medical treatment if needed in the event of survival or permanent injury or condition.



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